Dinner and whisky tasting in the Stockholm archipelago with chef Mikkel Karstad

Stockholm is full of great unpopulated expanses just begging to be explored on foot, climbed, rowed or sailed across. Together with Talisker and Fejan Outdoor we went out to the northern part of Stockholm's archipelago and enjoyed whisky tasting on the cliffs, the glamping site at the small island of Fejan and a delicious dinner made by the Danish chef Mikkel Karstad.

On a sunny Wednesday morning I joined a concept called Scandinavian Detours, a concept were dramatic nature meets delicious food and great drinks. We started off by taking a boat up north to an island called Gisslingö. At the island we met up with Fejan Outdoor, who organize adventurous tours in the northern part of the Stockholm archipelago.

Along some snacks we then hiked the island and met up with Talisker whisky and had a tasting by the cliffs. Definitely the most scenic tasting I’ve ever been to and the Talisker Port Ruighe, Talisker Skye and Talisker 10 suited the windswept surroundings perfect.

After the delightful tasting we took the boat to the next island Fejan, for some dinner prepared over open fire by the talented Danish chef Mikkel Karstad as well as cocktails prepared by Mate Csatlos.


Puré of split peas with a salad of broccoli, bronze fennel and parmesan

Broccoli fried with ramson, salted unripe plums and junket

Main Course

Steamed mussels with Talisker, beer, apple and fennel

Celeriac baked in a bonfire with brown butter, elderflower, buckwheat and wild herbs


Rhubarb with white chocolate, spruce and Talisker

Coffee with blueberry and honey biscuits

After a superb dinner I headed up to the remote luxurious canvas tents and took some rest in the cozy bed. The tents are available for rent during the summer months at Fejanoutdoor.se and I can highly recommend a visit. A night in the remote Canvas Hotel including dinner & breakfast (you get a basket that you prepare on your Muurikka next to the tent)  costs about €350. 
During two events this summer Mikkel Karstad and Mate Csatlos will also prepare food & drinks. Read more here and make your reservation.