Avocado sandwich with poached egg

Avocado breakfast

Foto: Petter Bäcklund

Besides from pancakes, avocado sandwiches with poached egg are my favorite. But to be honest, poached eggs are always a mess for me… I have tried the classic tips with vinegar, salt and stirring the water, but I always end up with different results. Even if they don’t always turn out pretty, they still taste wonderful together with the avocado. Practice makes perfect I guess.

However, next time I will definitely try the muffin pan trick as seen below. Looks very promising.

For my sandwich, I use levain bread with butter, a ripe avocado and a poached egg. Then I use some sesame seeds, salt and chili as topping.

That second when the poached egg cracks open

Foto: Petter Bäcklund

That second when your poached egg cracks open ??

Good luck with your poached eggs and check in for a full guide after I’ve tried all the fancy youtube tricks.

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